Sunday, 4 January 2015

✩ My 2014 Recap ✩

Hello all! 

2014 was an absolutely crazy year for me and I thought that today i'd do a super quick recap of everything that happened in my 2014!


Not that much happened throughout January and it was honestly quite a boring start to my year. The highlight of January was definitely meeting up with Emilie in my local town and spending the day shopping. From the day I particularly remember going into toys R us and trying on all the children's dressing up hats.


In February my highlight was going to the youtube meet up in Jubilee Gardens and made me realise how much I actually missed attending them. I got to meet up with a number of my youtube friends who I hadn't seen in about 6 months however this was the only meet up I went to in 2014 which I regret and I wish I went to more. In February I also knuckled down with all my school work in preparation for my GCSE's that I took in the summer. I remember particularly focusing on dance as I had a number of dance mocks throughout the month of February. 


In march in finally turned 16 years old which meant I could officially begin working. Throughout March I applied to a number of vacancies however they proved to be unsuccessful so I decided to focus my energy on getting good grades and put job searching on hold.


In April I attended The Vamps Teenage Cancer Trust Gig at the O2 Empire in Shepard's Bush. This was one of the biggest highlights of my 2014 and if you'd like to hear about it in much more detail click here to be directed to a video I made specifically about the event.

✩ MAY 

During May I officially began my study leave which technically meant i'd left school. I also had my leavers assembly which was emotional as it was the last time my whole year group would be sat in the same hall together. 


During June I took most of my GCSE exams. This was an extremely stressful month for me however I got through it a whole load better than I expected I could. I also officially left school during this month which made me free to do whatever I wanted with my summer. During June I also had my prom. Prom was honestly one of the best nights of the year. I felt so beautiful and confident for the first time as I got out of the car with my friends and the crowd around us started cheering. I also went on holiday with Emily to Hastings in June. I got to take some lovely photos of the town and the sea that was so close to where we were staying. The views were also incredible and I had an amazing time! June was definitely my busiest month.


In July I took part in one of the most memorable and my absolute favourite thing during 2014. That memorable thing was of course NCS! If you ever get the opportunity to take part in NCS i'd definitely recommend taking it. Whilst on NCS I got to take part in a number of different activities that before I could only dream of taking part in. I built my confidence up so much throughout July which really helped me through the rest of 2014. 


In August I moved into our new (temporary) home. Through the rat of August I spent the time meeting up with friends and settling into my new home area. I also began applying for jobs again and managed to land some interviews. In August to celebrate my sisters birthday we also took a day trip to Brighton to do some shopping and visit the pier. 


In september I started college and took Childcare, Media, Film Studies and Psychology. I am still taking all these subjects and am enjoying them a lot. I also landed myself a job which I am still currently working at! I was so happy to finally have my own weekend job which allowed me to earn my own little bit of money which I plan on going towards more experiences during 2015. 


Not that much happened in October for me. The highlight was definitely having Courtney over on halloween where we went to a restaurant to mostly celebrate her birthday which was only a few days before. 


In November the event that particularly stood out to me was Abi's halloween party! It was the first halloween party i'd been to in years and it was such a good night. It was the first time I actually enjoyed halloween. 


December obviously means CHRISTMAS! I had an amazing Christmas this year even though it was extremely different to those in the past. This christmas I decided to vlog christmas eve, christmas day and boxing day and uploaded the videos onto my main channel which became a big success! I also really enjoyed meeting up with Abi and going shopping with her in Guildford! 

Thank you for sticking with me throughout 2014 and here's to an amazing 2015! I hope you stick around for another year. 



  1. Seems like you had a great year, and I am taking my GCSEs this year but hopefully it all goes well :)
    Hope you have a great 2015! I'll defiantly be checking out your blog again soon it's great.

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you're 2015 is going well too x