Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Dear October 2014

Dear October, 

You were surprisingly warm this year which threw all my plans off track. I expected to have to wrap up warm in thick, cosy, oversized jumpers like I have in the previous years that you made an appearance. Instead I found myself wearing tshirts and thin cardigans. To me you officially mark the start of autumn, my favourite time of the year. Usually I welcome your appearance with open arms however this year, this year was different. This year you bought change in friendships, some for the better and some for the worse. You also bought back deep sadness and anxiety which I so hoped would disappear with September. Although it sounds negative not all was bad. You bought an amazing party which I attended on halloween making this the best halloween i'd had in years, I managed to earn my first pay check leading to a rather large shopping spree and celebrate Courtney's birthday by eating a meal at a rather nice Italian restaurant quite local to me. You've been an alright month october however I hope that November will bring what you bought and more. 

From Jessica.


  1. Hi there!!

    Lovely blog you have here :)

    great blog post

    would be great to see you over on my blog

  2. Hiya !! Very jealous, we don't get the cosy jumpers in Australia this time of year haha I've nominated you for the Liebster Award and you can have a look at the post here if you'd like -

    Much love Em xx

    1. Thank you so much and you're missing out! Thank you so much for nominating me x